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The 5 Day Challenge To Get You To Be Remembered, Referred And Rewarded

DAY 1 - Know Your Audience

Friday June 11th @ 1700 UAE

We will kick off this EXCITING challenge on DAY ONE by understanding who you are targeting
This is huge - because in order to powerfully influence people you must know what already influences them
This is more than just metaprograms!

DAY 1 - Who Have You Been Called To Serve?

11:00 - 12:30PM PT / 12:00 - 1:30PM MT

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DAY 2 - Why Trance-Formational Stories - And How To Make Stories Stick

Saturday June 12th @ 1700 UAE

Facts Tell But Stories Sell...
We are told that as a business you need to do marketing - but the best marketers dont do marketing - they are exceptional story tellers. 
The greatest trainers and trance-formational experts dont just train - they tell stories
Dr Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Milton Erikson, Tony Robbins and all of the top speakers, educators and therapists use hypnotic stories to get results and create an impact or to share information - 

DAY 3 - Discover Trance-Formational Story Types

Sunday June 13th @ 1700 UAE

What do you want to achieve? Are you looking to create credibility? Create Unconscious Motivation? Are you looking to help trance-form someone? Are you looking to teach, persuade or motivate?
There are different stories that you need based on what you want to achieve!

DAY 4 - The Trance-Formational Story Framework

Monday June 14th @ 1700 UAE

We will go through the 3 Key Step framework to hypnotic storytelling. How do you utilize your NLP skills in storytelling to create impact and Influence!
If you have ever wondered: 
How do you build rapport with a live audience?
Or How do you do it on video? 
How do you make it relevant for VAK learners?
How do I use the Milton Model in this section?

DAY 5 - Delivery Story Vehicles

Tuesday June 15th @ 1700 UAE

Are you technology challenged? 
Want to tell stories in a virtual world? I got you! 
I have made a video every single day for a year and have helped hundreds of people get started with video.
I have also modelled some of the most successful people and can show you how to get started with just a phone!





Muneer Al Busaidi is the number 1 international best selling author of the book Power Persuasion. As an NLP trainer and hypnotist Muneer helps coaches, speakers and trainers make an impact and get results.
Muneer has travelled the world to work and learn from the creators of NLP, world renowned hypnotists, Hollywood writers and video storytellers.
To date Muneer has spoken in over 15 countries to international audiences of over 70 nationalities - Muneer has been featured on Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC.

“Just Give Me 5 Days...

And Discover How You Can Use Your NLP Skills Into A Framework That Creates Income And Impact!"

*** PLUS, Win Awesome Prizes When You Show Up To The Live Trainings & Do The Excercises!

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